Why Older Americans Say #VoteYesOnM


The depth and breadth of the coalition that’s vigorously supporting Measure M is impressive, but today we’d like to call out AARP California and St. Barnabas Senior Services in particular for their enthusiastic support and active campaigning.

AARP California, representing 1 million older Americans in LA County alone, has endorsed Measure M—the first time this powerful organization has ever endorsed and is actively campaigning for a local ballot measure. AARP CA prioritized Measure M because the number of people aged 65 and over is likely to double in 15 years, making it critical that LA County’s transportation system works for people who can’t—or don’t want to—drive. St. Barnabus, LA’s oldest senior services agency, has also endorsed and is getting out the vote for Measure M.

The reasons both organizations are on board and pledging to get out the vote is because Measure M will:

  1. Make it easier for people of all ages and incomes to get to jobs, health care and other essential services by providing more transportation options in more neighborhoods
  2. Help reduce isolation for seniors and increase access to social connections that keep us healthy as we age
  3. Repair sidewalks and install curb cuts, making it easier for people to walk, bike, and push a stroller or walker to their destinations
  4. Ensure that fares on both trains and busses remain low for seniors and people with disabilities
  5. Create good jobs for grandchildren!


“Seniors are very concerned about transportation and housing and what LA will be like for their grandchildren,” says St. Barnabas Government Affairs and Advocacy Director Brandi Orton. “Transportation provides access to life. Many seniors feel socially isolated and the transportation system determines whether they have access to everything from health care to opportunities for socializing or to their grandchildren.”

At a press conference with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti last month AARP CA Director Nancy McPherson said that AARP is steadily increasing advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local level to create age-friendly communities. “AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Communities make a 5-year commitment to plan and implement specific action steps to become more age friendly . . . these are places that invest resources and engage residents in making it possible for people of all ages to live in safe, accessible, affordable neighborhoods.” She added, “Mr. Mayor, we look forward to success in November.”


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