Will you join us on May 1 at 11:30am in DTLA for a conversation on the future of Los Angeles?

As you know, Move LA likes to "Do the Big Stuff!" and this year is no different. This Monday (May 1!) in downtown Los Angeles we will discuss the most challenging issues we face—the need for (and problems with) public transportation, affordable housing, decarbonizing our economy, and creating family-sustaining jobs. LINK TO OUR AGENDA HERE! 

We already have the wind in our sails thanks to the partnership between Community and organized Labor. Voters have approved almost $4 billion per year in public funding for new transportation projects and ongoing operations (thanks to Measures R + M), services for those who are homeless (Measure H), and affordable housing and tenant protections (Measure ULA).

Now we must ensure these measures are are equitable and that they are carried out quickly and on budget. We will be talking with the region's key leaders about how best to do that. REGISTER NOW TO SECURE YOUR SEAT FOR OUR PLATED LUNCH AND AFTERNOON PROGRAM HERE. 

Voters also know we need more public investments to clean our air, address climate change, and ensure that every person can live and work in LA County affordably and with dignity. So we will also talk about the future of the region and the potential for providing funding in these areas.

Join LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Metro Chair Ara Najarian and First Vice Chair Jackie Dupont-Walker, LA City Deputy Mayors Jenna Hornstock and Randall Winston, transit and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr., California Building & Construction Trades President Andrew Meredith, and many, many more people for an incredible afternoon at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA. REGISTER HERE!

Why are we at the Biltmore this year? First, it is one of the most transit-accessible hotels in the region with direct access to multiple bus lines and two rail lines (so we encourage you to take transit!). It is also unionized by our brothers and sisters at UNITE HERE Local 11 and we will honor their hard work as well as the work of our many other Labor partners on International Workers Day!

Join us on May 1 for Move LA's 2023 Community Conversation and then march to Grand Park for the May Day Rally HERE! 

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