The Verge on New USDOT Report: 6 Reasons To Be Terrified About the Future of Transportation

Chris Ziegler writes on The Verge that: "The US Department of Transportation just released Beyond Traffic, a study best described as a dire warning about how the country's arterial lines will clog and implode over the next several decades. As far as USDOT secretary Anthony Foxx is concerned, pretty much everything is in bad shape and getting worse: roadways, railways, waterways, the whole nine yards." At Move LA, we take a sunnier view, believing that investments in transit and first-mile/last-mile bike and pedestrian connections, as well as policies that promote car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing, will stop the sky from falling. Still, the USDOT tells the truth and The Verge puts a sharp edge on it . . . and it's all about starting a real conversation about the future of transportation in this country. And Move LA is totally into that!

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Climate Urgency Can Be LA's Opportunity: Zane and Parfrey in the LA Daily News


Gov. Jerry Brown made it clear in his State of the State address that climate change is a major priority. His three climate goals promise to transform California: by 2030 half the state’s electricity will come from renewable power, by the same year homes and buildings will be 200 percent more efficient, and in the next 15 years the state will reduce its use of petroleum by half.

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Live•Ride•Share: Mobility Marketplace

LRS_HabdBallsBlue.jpgA hundred years ago, if you asked people how their transportation system could be improved, most would have said they wanted a faster horse. It was not until Henry Ford came to town, paved a mile of road, and let them drive a Model T, that they realized they did not want a horse at all.

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White House Recognizes Project Labor Agreement and Career Construction Project Success LeDaya Epps

LeDaya Epps hit a few roadblocks in life and couldn't find reliable work and the income she needed to take care of herself and her three children.

Then she completed a union apprenticeship in construction through Metro's Project Labor Agreement and Career Construction Project programs — one of only two women to do so — and now she's part of the crew building the Crenshaw/LAX light rail line as a member of Laborers Local 300. And now she's invited to be a special guest of the First Lady at the State of the Union address!

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LA TIMES: Audit Finds Ontario Airport Worth Much Less Than LA Is Asking

The LA Times reports that in Ontario's legal battle to gain control over LA/Ontario International Airport, a new audit contends that the sale price offered by Los Angeles is inflated by at least $181 million. If Ontario wants the airport back, Los Angeles officials have said, the Inland Empire can buy it for about $400 million. LA/Ontario is a valuable asset, they say, and Los Angeles World Airports, which has operated the airport since 1967 along with Los Angeles International and Van Nuys, must "be made whole" and recover its investments.

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