Low-Income Carshare Collaborative Continues to Attract New Partners

It’s hard organizing collaborative projects in Los Angeles, given its diversity and size, though Cap & Trade dollars are proving a compelling stimulus. Case in point: The low-income carshare collaborative that has come together over the past few months to respond to a California Air Resources Board (ARB) RFP (request for proposals) for carshare pilots in low income neighborhoods.

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Sales Tax for Transit: Boon or Bust for Low-Income People?

LAThrives_Graphic3.pngAt a candidate forum for the Sheila Kuehl/Bobby Shriver race for LA County Supervisor last fall, someone in the audience expressed concern about relying on sales tax measures to expand LA County's public transit system because sales taxes are considered “regressive,” meaning lower-income people pay a higher proportion of their income on sales taxes than those with higher incomes. But I would argue that in fact low-income people in LA County are big winners with the half-cent Measure R sales tax for transportation for three reasons:

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LA Metro Picks New CEO: Phil Washington from Denver RTD

750x422.jpgMove LA applauds the choice of Phil Washington as new CEO for LA Metro. Washington comes to LA from Denver, where he was the general manager of Denver's Regional Transportation District. Denver is the only other region in the United Station that has, like Los Angeles County, embarked on an ambitious transit expansion — also funded by a local sales tax and involving a multi-project build-out. "His success in Denver should give us confidence that together we will be successful here," says Move LA Executive Director Denny Zane.

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SB 767 Would Authorize a New Ballot Measure for LA Transport!

Thank you California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) for introducing SB 767 and authorizing LA Metro to put a new half-cent sales tax measure on the 2016 ballot to fund transportation improvements! We like it — especially because it’s broadly worded so as to leave planning decisions about what to fund up to Metro. We encourage the Legislature to respect local decision-making about which projects will go into the Long Range Transportation Plan and be funded by the ballot measure.

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LA Times: Is Uber Plugging Gaps in LA's Transit System?

Uber says it sees itself as complementing LA's public transit system by getting people to and from transit, and this map suggests it could be true. Read more.

What Should DTLA Do to Get Ready for Bikeshare?

Streetsblog LA's Joe Linton asks the question and tracks improvements in DTLA for people on bikes. HERE.

25 Years of the Blue Line


The KCET blog tracks the whole long story of how rail got reintroduced into LA, the city that had the largest electric trolley system in the world in the 1920s — with 2,000 cars running daily over 1,000 miles of track — and that had no passenger rail system in 1990, until the Blue Line opened. Today we have about 100 miles, though the system will grow to 200 miles when all the Measure R-funded lines are built. On the KCET blog.

Rent Stabilization and Abundant Housing

A curious but interesting blog post that asks the questions "Is rent stabilization [rent control] enough if we don't also have abundant housing?" and "Will abundant housing be enough to keep rents in check?" On the Let's Go LA blog.

San Fernando Valley Shows Big Support for Rail & Measure R2


Two major take-aways from the crowded San Fernando Valley Town Hall meeting that Move LA co-hosted with the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments last week: There is a very high level of interest in and support for Measure R2 and for rail projects, and a very high level of support for bike and pedestrian projects as well.

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LRS Sum Up & Next Steps

Move LA was local co-host of the Live.Ride.Share conference on shared mobility — carshare, bikeshare, rideshare, etc., topics that trended on twitter in LA the day of the event! — at the Japanese American National Museum Feb. 23. Here is a short sum-up and ideas about next steps.

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