Having to choose between the bus or breakfast?

Too many students in California have to choose whether to spend their money on the bus or breakfast because they can’t afford both. That’s a loss for students, schools and transit, but a fare-free student transit pass program would fix it and more! 

We believe fare-free transit is key to creating transit riders for life, which we must do if we are serious in California about 1) reducing climate change, 2) cleaning the air, 3) getting ourselves out of our cars and onto trains and buses, 4) achieving our educational goals, and 5) reducing poverty (by helping make well-educated students eligible for good jobs)! 

Moreover, many transit agencies in California are facing a fiscal cliff because riders haven't returned to transit post-COVID, and they're asking the legislature for money to keep their trains and buses moving until riders do return. 

But consider this: What if the legislature provided transit agencies with funding expressly to make transit free for K-12 students as well as college, university and graduate students? We believe this would attract many students to ride transit and could help create transit riders for life, which would help us achieve many of the goals we laid out above.

That’s why students, Move LA and other advocates are asking the state to invest $180 million for a two-year statewide fare-free student transit pass program. Click HERE for a larger, easier-to-read version of this infographic that explains what we can achieve.

Join us in the Capitol in Sacramento on March 15 to lobby for money to fund Asm. Holden's new fare-free student transit pass bill, AB 610. Students and elected officials from around the state will be joining us to make the case, and you can join us by registering HERE. 

If you can't join us in person in Sacramento consider signing on to our letter to legislators and the governor HERE.