Move LA’s initiatives generating $3 BILLION per year for transit and housing! Check it out!

Move LA has successfully stood up ballot measure campaigns in LA County and LA City that will generate OVER $3 billion per year in public investments for LA Metro's transit system and service, the development of affordable housing, and for services provided to people who are homeless.

In 2008, 2016 and 2017 Move LA initiated and voters approved Measures R and M and H in LA County. These three measures are now generating over $3 billion per year in transit system investments and investments in service, shelter and housing for people who are homeless. 

And soon the City of LA will start collecting an expected $1 billion per year in funds from Measure ULA, a measure on the 2022 ballot to prevent homelessness and for the development of affordable housing.   

That adds up to $3 billion per year—with more successes yet ahead of us.

Here’s the breakdown of the four ballot measures initiated by Move LA and approved by voters:

  • Measure R: In November 2008 voters in LA County approved Measure R with a 67.9% YES vote, approving a 1/2-cent increase in the sales tax principally for investments in LA Metro's transit system and service. Measure R will generate $1.2 billion this year. A big thank you to LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his remarkable efforts in championing this measure.
  • Measure M: In November 2016 LA County voters approved Measure M with a 71.15% YES vote, approving another 1/2-cent sales tax in just eight years for investments principally in LA Metro's transit system and service. Measure M had no sunset, and the ballot measure also revised the language of Measure R so that it has no sunset either. Like Measure R, Measure M is expected to generate $1.2 billion this year. A big THANK YOU to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti for his outstanding efforts to champion this measure.
  • Measure H: In March 2017 voters approved Measure H with a 69.34% YES vote, a 1/4-cent sales tax to fund services for the homeless. Measure H is expected to generate $609.7 million this year. A big THANK YOU to LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas for his heroic leadership in making Measure H happen.
  • Measure ULA: In November 2022 LA City voters approved Measure ULA by a 57.8% YES vote, a Real Estate Transfer Tax on real estate sales over $5 million to raise funds to prevent homelessness and build affordable housing. Measure ULA is expected to generate up to $250 million per year. A BIG THANK YOU to the LA/OC Building Trades Council, Unite HERE Local 11, SEIU Local 2015, and IBEW Local 11 for their exceptional commitment to the campaign and to win Measure ULA.