Hold Governor Newsome Accountable for Undermining California's Climate Goals

Governor Gavin Newsom is on a trip to China focused on our climate crisis, while here in California the Governor's own transportation agency (Caltrans) is undermining our climate action goals. After a Caltrans staff member made national headlines over the misuse of roadway funds to projects that will only put more cars on the road and create more climate emissions, 60 organizations called on the Governor to show Californians that our health and environment are his priority. 
The Governor needs more than luck and a trip to talk about electric vehicles if he thinks we are going to let the highway industry call the shots at Caltrans. The LA Times said it best - California’s transportation spending just doesn’t match its climate promises. 
Can you join us in calling on Governor Newsom and Caltrans to measure up to his own climate goals? [LINK TO PETITION ON WEBSITE]
We need Caltrans to redirect State $$ to programs that get people out of their cars--like public transit service, fare subsidies for riders, and incentives to ditch your car to walk, bike, roll, or take public transportation--and not to widening freeways.