The Olympic Festival Trail Initiative is a Big Idea to Create a Legacy for Angelenos

Los Angeles - the land of freeways and “car culture,” and soon-to-be host to our third Olympics and Paralympics.

Move LA believes that having the eyes of the world on LA can be a catalyst for something bigger than just a sporting event. We have partnered with Somos, Agency Artifact, FastLinkDTLA, community organizations, advocates, leaders, businesses, and others who believe the legacy from the Olympics should address the biggest systemic challenges facing Los Angeles today: housing, transportation, and public space/public health.

We have envisioned a project called the Olympic Festival Trail, a 22-mile long non-vehicular mobility corridor (focused on South LA economic empowerment) that would link together all the Olympic venues using both public transportation and active transportation from LAX to SoFi to the Sepulveda Basin to the Coliseum to the Rose Bowl and more.

The Trail would live on as a new permanent piece of infrastructure for the region and spur the development of thousands of units of affordable housing and economic development opportunities. We envision a linear festival that links with community and regional transit and celebrates LA’s’ unique neighborhoods, culture, and people of all incomes, where moving produces zero-carbon, and the experience is as interesting as the destination.

The 2028 Games "Festival Trail" is part transit corridor, watch party, performance venue, job creator...a platform for cultural expression and a gift to Angelenos long after the 2028 Games end, creating mobility for all throughout the region. Click the image below to see how we plan to activate our streets and contact [email protected] to join this effort.

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